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West Palm Beach Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Pregnancy Massage

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Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Pregnancy Massage in West Palm Beach and surrounding areas

West Palm Beach Zen Shiatsu

Zen Shiatsu is a Japanese style of massage therapy that shares similarities with acupressure, which is not surprising as the translation of shiatsu is 'finger pressure'.

It is a unique form of bodywork that provides muscle relaxation with a profound energy balancing experience. It is based on thousands of years of Eastern philosophy and methods of healing. Zen Shiatsu treats the meridian pathways(lines of energy through out the body) that channel Qi (pronounced Chee) energy, which is our life essence. Any blockage or stagnation of this vital Qi energy within the meridians can result in physical pain, as well as psychological and emotional imbalance. Commonly used to endorse relaxation and diminish issues such as stress, muscle pain, anxiety, nausea, and depression, shiatsu is a holistic approach to wellness. The mind has a direct effect in the stresses and strains of the body; to neglect this understanding may lead to a superficial healing process.

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