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Jupiter Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Pregnancy Massage

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Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Pregnancy Massage in Jupiter and surrounding areas

Jupiter Integrative Structural Therapy

Integrative Structural Therapy for the head, neck and back rehabilitates the cause of physical or emotional conditions responsible for pain by using a specific 3 step approach.

First the massage therapist will work lightly to help release any swelling, toxins and some trigger points in your muscles. Once your muscles are 'warmed up' deeper pressure can be applied.

The second step is to use myofascial unwinding strokes to release the holding patterns in the muscles. Your therapist will move very slowly allowing the tension in your muscles to simply 'melt'.

The third step helps to release adhesions and scar tissue that lock up your muscles and create pain. Overtime, if these tissues stay locked your body can be in chronic pain and develop conditions like bulging discs, tennis elbow or migraine headaches to name a few.

Integrative Structural Therapy for the head neck and back combines deep tissue release with structural integration, releasing holding patterns of chronic pain or injuries while helping to improve your postural balance and emotional well being.

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